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Why Armie Hammer's Glad He Didn't Get To Play Batman In That Failed Justice League Movie

Armie Hammer recently came out and admitted that he’s glad he never got the chance to play Batman in Justice League Mortal. Here’s what the Call Me by Your Name actor had

What Women Want Is Getting Remade, With A Huge Twist

The hit 2000 film is getting a fast-tracked remake, but it’s going to be a whole lot different this time around. Powered by WPeMatico

New The Last Jedi Video Has Leia Sending Poe On An Explosive Mission

A new video for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has just debuted online, and t shows General Leia sending Poe Dameron on an explosive mission against The First Order. Check it out!

5 Things To Know About Justice League's Villain

Justice League’s Steppenwolf isn’t exactly the most popular DC villain, so let us take you through a quick refresher course on everything you need to know about the baddie before the movie

What Actually Happened With The Gal Gadot And Brett Ratner Situation

It’s been just a few days since Brett Ratner started dealing with allegations of harassments on movie sets and there’s been plenty of conflicting information running around. Powered by WPeMatico

Why Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Will Be Important For Frozen 2

CinemaBlend recently sat down with the crew behind Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and asked how the upcoming short film will factor into Frozen 2. This is what they told us. Powered by WPeMatico

Watch The Trailer For Jimmy Kimmel And J.J. Abrams' Hilarious Comic Book Movie Idea

J.J. Abrams and Jimmy Kimmel decided to dust off an old comic book movie idea from Kimmel’s childhood, and the fake trailer for it is pure comedy gold. Powered by WPeMatico

How The New Halloween Movie Convinced Jamie Lee Curtis To Come Back

Halloween fans are eager to see Jamie Lee Curtis reprise her role as Laurie Strode, but how did he filmmakers convince her to take the part? Powered by WPeMatico

Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Is Getting A Movie

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story Are You Afraid of the Dark?: The Movie. Powered by WPeMatico

What's Happening With Man Of Steel 2, According To One DC Producer

Man of Steel started the DCEU, but when are we getting a sequel? Powered by WPeMatico