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The Snowman (2017)

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'The New Mutants' Will Kick Off an 'X-Men' Horror Trilogy With Practical Effects

Last week we got our first look at The New Mutants with a trailer showcasing the X-Men spin-off as a full-fledged horror movie. Around the same time, cowriter/director Josh Boone shared some additional info about

Could You Survive as Kylo Ren’s Underling?

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New 'Black Panther' Trailer Teases Something We've Never Seen Before

“I have seen gods fly. I’ve seen men build weapons that I couldn’t even imagine. I’ve seen aliens drop from the sky. But I have never seen anything like this.” – Black

Movie News: More 'Star Wars' Characters Teased by Ron Howard

Han Solo: Director Ron Howard (above) shared a new photo (below) from behind the scenes of the Han Solo movie that is currently filming. The caption refers to Tag Greenley and Bink

Inside the Characters of 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle'

When Robin Williams set the template for what the lead character in a “Jumanji” movie should be like, it’s a daunting feat indeed to fill shoes of that size. But the upcoming

What You Need to Know About the New 'Jumanji'

In case there’s still some lingering confusion about the proper status of the upcoming film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and how it relates to the 1995 film Jumanji starring Robin Williams,

Exclusive 'The Foreigner' Clip: Watch Jackie Chan Fight

One thing you must know: if you’re ever in a fight with Jackie Chan, it’s going to end badly. Chan plays a humble businessman named Quan in The Foreigner, but he’s stirred

Watch Exclusive 'Marshall' Clip: Equal Protection

Emerging from a courthouse in Bridgeport, Connecticut, two attorneys are besieged by reporters in our exclusive clip from Marshall. Young Jewish lawyer Samuel Friedman (Josh Gad) responds first, offering no comment. Then

Horror Buzz: What's Coming to Scare You

New The X-Files trailer promises epic events in 2018 – It still feels completely improbable that an X-Files renaissance actually happened – let alone that it’s now set to spawn a second