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Movie News: Selena Gomez Joins Robert Downey, Jr.'s 'Doctor Dolittle'

The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle: Selena Gomez (Getaway, above) has joined the cast of The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, which will mix live-action humans and animated animals. Robert Downey, Jr. will star

New Series of 'Star Wars' Movies to Be Made by 'Game of Thrones' Creators

The Star Wars movies as we know them will come to an end next year, with Episode IX of the “Skywalker Saga” finishing out the original storyline. But that certainly won’t be all for the franchise.

Movie News: James Mangold to Direct Ford vs. Ferrari Drama

Ford vs. Ferrari: James Mangold (Logan, above with Hugh Jackman) will direct a real-life drama set in the world of championship auto racing. It follows American designers and engineers who were tasked

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Trailer: All Your Questions Answered

We finally got our first look at Solo: A Star Wars Story during the Super Bowl last night, and then a longer teaser arrived this morning. So, we’ve seen what Alden Ehrenreich looks like

How J.J. Abrams' 'The Cloverfield Paradox' Ties Into His Connected Universe

The sudden release of The Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix last night surprised everyone. Sure, we heard rumors last month that Paramount Pictures might be negotiating with the streaming service for worldwide rights

Movie News: 'Shape of Water' Director Guillermo del Toro Named Year's Best

The Shape of Water: Guillermo del Toro has been named the best feature-film director of the year for The Shape of Water by his peers in the Director’s Guild of America. The

Watch the Biggest Trailers of 2018 in One Video

Movie fans no longer have to wait until summer for the biggest releases of the year. 2018 is already heating up and come February, the blockbusters will start rolling into theaters everywhere.

5 Reasons We Love Margot Robbie

With I, Tonya opening, let’s look at why Margot Robbie is our latest It girl.  Few new actresses have made it in Hollywood with as much impressive force as Margot Robbie. After

The Week in Movie News: Golden Globes Winners, Black Widow and Kitty Pryde Go Solo and More

Need a quick recap on the past week in movie news? Here are the highlights:   BIG NEWS Marvel’s Black Widow movie is moving forward: Fans wishing for a Black Widow solo movie

Watch: Exclusive First 'Traffik' Trailer

Everything is going so well for the new couple! In Traffik, Paula Patton and Omar Epps star as Brea and John, two people who fall in love and decide to take a