Delayed 'Star Wars' Coming of Age Film '5-25-77' Will Be Out This Year


Finally. Hopefully. Maybe it will be out this year. Fingers crossed. We’ve been following this film since the very early days of FirstShowing – originally called just ’77, then retitled to 5-25-77, with releases planned for years but nothing actually ever happening. Patrick Read Johnson’s 5-25-77 is a coming-of-age indie set around the opening of the original Star Wars on the big screen on May 25th, 1977. Apparently the film is finally being finished, a distributor is place, and it will be out later this year – or so Patrick Read Johnson told Yahoo (via SlashFilm). “I can tell you that the film will come out in theaters on a significant date,” he hints, but that won’t be on the same day as The Force Awakens in December, so it has to be another time. ›››

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