Fassbender & Gleeson in Crime Drama 'Trespass Against Us' Trailer

Trespass Against Us Trailer

Blood is a brutal bond. A24 has unveiled a trailer for an indie crime drama from England titled Trespass Against Us, which just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this month. The film stars Michael Fassbender as a man trying desperately to escape the dangerous criminal world presided over by his savage father, played by Brendan Gleeson. The cast includes Rory Kinnear, Sean Harris, Lyndsey Marshal, Killian Scott and Georgie Smith. Not only does this look like a solid crime thriller with plenty to offer in terms of action and drama, but it also has an “astonishing” score by The Chemical Brothers to top it off. Gleeson, Fassbender and The Chemical Brothers pretty much has me sold no matter what. The car chases look like they might be the best part, but I’m definitely interested in seeing this anyway. Fire this up. ›››

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