Full Red Band Trailer for Corman's Racing Reboot 'Death Race 2050'

Death Race 2050 Trailer

“Ready for one last dance?” Universal has launched a new trailer for the racing reboot Death Race 2050, updating Roger Corman’s 1975 camp classic Death Race 2000. We featured a short teaser trailer for this back in October, but now we have a full-length trailer and it’s red band because they don’t hold back on the violence and gore and nudity, which are always important aspects of Roger Corman’s movies. Death Race 2050 brings back the character of Frankenstein, played this time by Manu Bennett, who takes on drivers in the deadly, violent cross-country road race. This also stars Malcolm McDowell, Burt Grinstead, and Marci Miller. This looks fun, but it doesn’t look like that different from the original – just another reboot. ›››

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