John Travolta in Trailer for 'Life on the Line' Power Line Workers Film

Life on the Line

“I do have a job, momma, I told you I’m a line man now.” Voltage Pictures has released a new trailer for the film called Life on the Line, about the dangerous and challenging lives of power line workers. Yeah, seriously. The film stars John Travolta and Devon Sawa as two line workers who end up working during a massive storm that nearly destroys their lives. The cast includes Kate Bosworth, Sharon Stone, Gil Bellows, Julie Benz and Ryan Robbins. This almost looks like one of those action movies from the 90s that we don’t see anymore, all about hard working people who just want to keep everyone safe and do their jobs. Not sure if this will find any audience at all, but give it a watch anyway. “We gotta get the power on!” ›››

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