New Trailer for 'Intent to Destroy' Doc About the Armenian Genocide

Intent to Destroy Doc Trailer

“It’s an experience I wouldn’t wish even on my worst enemies…” Abramorama has premiered the official trailer for a documentary titled Intent to Destroy, an examination of the Armenian Genocide and the history of denial by the Turkish government. This seems like one of the most definitive docs examining this historically tragic event, telling not only the history behind it and how it happened, but the ways various governments attempted to cover up and downplay the depressing truth of it all. The doc even examines how this “laid the groundwork for the genocides that followed.” Filmmaker Joe Berlinger also visits the set of Terry George’s The Promise, a feature film starring Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale set during the Armenian Genocide, discussing how hard it is to make a film about this. This looks powerful, and sad, but important. ›››

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