Official US Trailer for Coogan & Brydon's Sequel 'The Trip to Spain'

The Trip to Spain Trailer

“We should enjoy this moment guys, we’re in the sweet spot.” IFC Films has debuted another new official US trailer for The Trip to Spain, to compliment the first teaser trailer from a few months ago. The Trip to Spain is the second sequel in The Trip series (after The Trip to Italy in 2014), starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as friends who go on a road trip wining and dining and doing impersonations. Early word from critics is that this is just as hilarious and ridiculous as the first two films, and might be a good bit of entertainment to catch at your local art house later this summer. The cast also includes Marta Barrio and Claire Keelan. These films don’t seem like they should work as well as they do, but damnit, they are fun. ›››

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