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'Goonies' Kids: Where Are They Now?

In celebration of ‘The Goonies’ 30th anniversary (the film hit theaters June 7, 1985), THR takes a look at the careers of the now grown-up cast. read more Powered by WPeMatico

Box Office: FIFA Movie 'United Passions' Bombs in U.S.

On Friday and Saturday, only one person bothered to show up at a downtown Phoenix theater to see the movie. read more Powered by WPeMatico

Watch Will Smith's Deadshot Make A Smooth Getaway On Suicide Squad Set

The Suicide Squad movie was supposed to be finished with its public filming on the streets of Toronto. Apparently that’s not quite the case. Just when we thought we had seen everything

The Final Jurassic World Trailer Is Ferocious And Exhilarating

We’re just about a week out from the newest chapter in the Jurassic Park series, so it’s time for one last tease to whet your appetite. The final trailer for Jurassic World

J.K. Rowling Offers Clues About American Wizarding School To Be Revealed In Fantastic Beasts

Where do U.S. witches and wizards get their magic training? That information has yet to be disclosed, however, according to what J.K. Rowling recently teased, it sounds like we’ll be learning at

The New Power Rangers Movie Will Be More Mature, But Still Playful

The new and improved Power Ranger movie has been gaining steam over the past few months. Though the release date was pushed back to 2017, all in all, it’s all been moving

The Real Reason Hugh Jackman Is Done With Wolverine

It all started back in March when Hugh Jackman teased over social media that he would only be reprising his iconic X-Men character one last time. Soon after, it was confirmed that

Best Stories of the Week: Star Wars, Spider-Man, Spies and Big Trouble in Little China

We’ve reached the end of a very busy week. There were tons of trailers and some pretty big news stories, so this is a pretty beefy edition of the Best Stories of

‘Power Rangers’ Director Says the Script is ‘Mature But Playful’

Back in April we learned that Project Almanac director Dean Israelite was being brought on board Lionsgate’s big screen reboot of Power Rangers, based on the long-running action adventure series that has

Indominus Rex is Born in Best ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Yet

While I’m undoubtedly anticipating the release of Jurassic World next week, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t cautiously optimistic. From what we’ve seen in the footage so far, there’s a