Watch: New US Trailer for Sion Sono's Rap Battle Film 'Tokyo Tribe'

Tokyo Tribe Trailer

“Tokyo Tribe, never ever die!” Oh yes, it’s time. XLrator Media has debuted the official US trailer for one of the wackiest, wildest, most badass action films of last year – Tokyo Tribe, from director Sion Sono. This premiered at Fantastic Fest in 2014, where I raved about it, calling it “totally balls out, insane, wacky and just plain awesome.” It’s a very campy, very excessively elaborate rap musical set in futuristic Tokyo, with various “Tribes” battling it out over dominance in Tokyo. It’s the perfect kind of movie to gather all of your friends on Saturday night, with lots of pizza and beer, to watch. No seriously, this film is just crazy. Enjoy! ›››

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